Keeping the Dream Alive

October 22-24, 2015

Casa Grande Airport, Casa Grande, AZ



2014 COPPERSTATE Awards Program


The COPPERSTATE Fly-In is a show place for the builder and restorer. It is a place where owners and craftsman are rewarded for workmanship, ingenuity, and showmanship. While primarily supporting and encouraging aircraft homebuilding, COPPERSTATE also encourages the maintenance and restoration of all aircraft in the sport aviation fleet. Categories include antiques, warbirds, and classic aircraft.


The tradition of the COPPERSTATE Awards Program is unique. Over the years much pride has been taken in making the individual trophies/plaques very special. Each is hand crafted by COPPERSTATE volunteers. The woodwork is original and the copper work of each trophy is carefully handcrafted through processes developed over many years.


General rules for qualification for awards are:


  • Aircraft must be registered at the event before 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.
  • Aircraft judging will be completed by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.
  • The aircraft must display a COPPERSTATE Prop Sleeve with complete information to include a request for judging.
  • The judges must agree that the aircraft qualifies for judging, i.e., be of a quality or era for which an award may be given
  • Registrants should specify category for which aircraft is to be judged.
  • As an overall rule, a previous winning airplane may not receive the same award again. (Please note on the registration form any previous awards received at COPPERSTATE by the registered airplane)




Bringing an aircraft to be judged? Speed up your registration by completing this form before arrival [Aircraft Registration Form]. Help aircraft parking by displaying a sign in your aircraft window, such as “Contemporary”, “Classic” or “Antique”.


Award Categories will be as follows:


Grand Champion Aircraft


Reserve Grand Champion Aircraft


People’s Choice


Best Plans Built


1st Place Custom Metal Aircraft
2nd Place Custom Metal Aircraft
3rd Place Custom Metal Aircraft


1st Place Custom Composite Aircraft
2nd Place Custom Composite Aircraft
3rd Place Custom Composite Aircraft


Best Custom Wood Aircraft


Best Custom Tube and Fabric Aircraft

Best Custom Replica Aircraft


Best Custom Rotorcraft


Non-Custom, i.e., commercially built aircraft will be judged and awards will be given as follows (rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft qualify for these awards):


Antique Aircraft


An aircraft constructed by the original manufacturer, or his licensee, on or before  August 31, 1945, with the exception of certain Pre-World War II aircraft models  that had only a small post-war production, shall be defined as Antique Aircraft.

 Examples: Beechcraft Staggerwing, Fairchild 24, and Monocoupe.


1st Place Antique Aircraft
2nd Place Antique Aircraft


Classic Aircraft


An aircraft constructed by the original manufacturer, or his licensee, on or after

 September 1, 1945, up to and including December 31, 1955.


1st Place Classic Aircraft
2nd Place Classic Aircraft


Contemporary Age Aircraft


An aircraft constructed by the original manufacturer, or its licensee, on or after  January 1, 1956, and is more than 40 years old as of December 31, 2014 (note that COPPERSTATE's criteria for qualifying fo rhtis award is more inclusive than the AirVenture criteria).



1st Place Contemporary Age Aircraft
2nd Place Contemporary Age Aircraft


1st Place Military Aircraft
2nd Place Military Aircraft


Best Piper Showplane     -   Sponsored by Piper Flyer


Best Cessna Showplane -   Sponsored by Cessna Flyer


COPPERSTATE is receptive to any manufacturer, distributor or type club that would like to sponsor an award. A nominal donation to COPPERSTATE covers the cost of a very special award. Probably less than you would pay at a trophy shop.


Awards Banquet attendees will qualify for a special group of awards designed to encourage attendance and camaraderie. Examples are: “Youngest Pilot” flying to the event, Farthest Distance Flown, etc. Additional recognition awards may be given by participating organizations and exhibitors.


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