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October 23 - 25 2014

KCGZ Casa Grande, AZ



COPPERSTATE 2014 Exhibitor Registration, Insurance Requirements and Shipping Information

Exhibitor Registration and Contract (PDF)
Food Vendor Contract (PDF)
Pinal County Food Permit Application (PDF)


The dates for the 2014 COPPERSTATE Fly-In are October 23rd through October 25th. COPPERSTATE goals are to provide a meeting and market place for sport and general aviation. The vendors who exhibit at COPPERSTATE bring the latest technologies, products, and services to the Southwestern United States. Sport Aviation pilots from Texas to California and from Montana to Arizona look to COPPERSTATE as a meeting place between fellow aviators and a shopping venue. Exhibitors at COPPERSTATE are rewarded with easy access to customers and an ideal environment for demonstrating aircraft and equipment. An extensive forums program allows the exhibitor to present his products to large audiences of potential custormers.

 COPPERSTATE Exhibitors are the elite within the general aviation marketplace. As such COPPERSTATE is making every effort to provide an elite environment for these vendors. COPPERSTATE continues to look to new ways to serve this community.

 All Exhibitors can expect to have contact information placed on the COPPERSTATE website for access by potential customers both before and after the event. This is, effectively, a free online service supplementing regular marketing efforts. Exhibitor information received by October 1 is assured a listing in the event program.


Food Vendors Note: Due to limitations, spaces in the Food Court are not generally available. Contact the Exhibitor Chairman as below for more information. Approved Food Court vendors should submit a Food Vendor Contract (PDF), and a Pinal County Food Permit Application (PDF) by September 15. Remember to include a $25 check payable to Pinal County for the Food Permit.


Retail Sales Note: See Retail Sales Info page on this website.

 To become a part of this very important marketplace, click on Exhibitor Registration & Contract (PDF) to download a form in pdf format.  Note that applications will be accepted until October 15. Contact the Exhibitor Chairman for special consideration after that date. Also note the information documents and links at the end of this page. Alternatively, contact:

P.O. Box 9328
Phoenix, AZ 85068-9328


  Exhibitor Chairman: 
Bob Hurni (602) 618-0994
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 An Exhibitor Registration Packet will be forwarded on request.



 * If you need to ship merchandise to the COPPERSTATE event, label the container with large letters "COPPERSTATE EXHIBITOR" , your company name, and ship to:

Airport Terminal Building
3225 N. Lear Avenue
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Tel.:  (520) 426-3616

 NOTE: Deliveries will not be accepted before October 18th. Exhibitors must make arrangements for outbound shipping. On-site storage will not be available after the event.


General Insurance Definitions and Requirements

 Certificate of Liability Insurance

 This is a document that insurance companies typically provide upon request at no cost. It is a statement that the insured does have liability insurance for the activity specified—in this case the COPPERSTATE Fly-In.  A separate certificate should be issued for each of the following entities:  COPPERSTATE Fly-In, PO Box 9328, Phoenix, AZ 85022” and “City of Casa Grande, 510 E Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, AZ 85122”  showing each as an  “additional insured.” The complete address as shown above must appear on each certificate.

 Liability Waiver

 This is a statement from an individual that he is voluntarily participating in an activity and that others involved are not liable for injury or damages resulting from that activity. The most common use at the Fly-In would be for persons involved in aircraft usage—either paid or unpaid.

2013 COPPERSTATE Insurance Requirements

 *COPPERSTATE Fly-In expects any exhibitor involved in the activities specified in the signed contract to provide a “Certificate of Liability Insurance.” as above.

 *COPPERSTATE Fly-In expects that any exhibitor giving aircraft rides or similar have every participant sign a Liability Waiver. It is assumed that each exhibitor already does this as a normal procedure and, if not, should prepare such a document.

 Notice to Outdoor/Aircraft Exhibitors

  The basic policy of COPPERSTATE management is that no tents or shades other than those provided by COPPERSTATE are allowed in aircraft exhibit areas. This policy is a result of consultations with insurance carriers and COPPERSTATE lawyers. Other outdoor exhibitors should consult the Exhibitor Chairman to determine the acceptability of individual tents or displays.

 Very sincerely,

Bob Hurni 

Exhibitor Chairman

(602) 618-0994



Exhibitor Registration and Contract (PDF)
Food Vendor Contract (PDF)
Pinal County Food Permit Application (PDF)