Keeping the Dream Alive

October 23 - 25 2014

KCGZ Casa Grande, AZ



Parking and Ground Traffic Procedures


Please remember to close your flight plan


Aircraft Parking will be generally divided into these areas:

  1. Show Planes  (Homebuilt, Classic, Warbird, Etc.) will be displayed and tied down on the main paved ramp in front of the terminal building.


  1. Aircraft Camping for anyone who wished to sleep under the wing of their aircraft.  The aircraft camping area is different this year.  It will be located just west of the paved ramp area and is best accessed from the parallel taxiway.  Anyone camping on the airport during COPPERSTATE will need to register with the campground host and pay standard camping fees.  Showers will be available to all registered campers.

  2. General Aircraft Parking is for anyone who will be flying into COPPERSTATE but does not wish to show their aircraft.  General aircraft parking will be along the diagonal taxiway.  Plan to shut down on the paved taxiway and volunteers will assist in tailing off your aircraft.  Taildraggers on the South side only.
  3. Kitplane Vendors will have their own tiedown areas next to their respective tents.  As vendors, we assume you know where you will be located.

  4. Helicopters will have a designated area on the east end of the paved ramp.

Getting to your Tie Down Spot

After clearing the runway contact COPPERSTATE parking control on 127.9 and display a sign using one of the abbreviations below to help your parking control volunteers guide you to your tie down area.  Only aircraft parking volunteers will be wearing orange vests.


Click on any of the signs below to launch a pdf that you can print and display in your plane. 


Click on any of the signs below to launch a pdf that you can print and display in your plane.



All Unattended aircraft must be tied down securely

Please bring your own tie down equipment and chocks.  Tie downs will be available for rent from the parking volunteers.  $10 when you rent them, and $5 deposit back when you return them.  Ground is extremely hard and twist in tie downs will not work.

After you have secured your aircraft, either find the roving aircraft registration golf cart, or proceed to the terminal building to Aircraft Registration to register your aircraft and pay admission fees.  No one will be allowed in the COPPERSTATE    Aircraft or Vendor areas without a wristband

If you are flying your GAP or HBP aircraft during the fly in, please remember that your exact parking space may not be available when you return.


(Monitor 127.9 for all taxi operations)

To ensure the safety of spectators, all HBP aircraft taxing on the ramp must be accompanied by at least one “wingwalker” to ensure the propeller area remains clear during engine start and taxi. 

Call parking control on 127.9 to request assistance and to secure a wingwalker.

Do not start engine(s) without first enlisting the aid of a fellow pilot, parking volunteer, or Civil Air Patrol Cadet.  The wingwalker must accompany the aircraft until you have reached the parallel taxiway, or you are clear of spectators.

For GAP parking along the diagonal taxiway, please ask for assistance in positioning your aircraft on the paved taxiway before starting engines. 

Call parking control on 127.9 to request assistance in moving your aircraft.

Any attempt to “power out” of your parking spot results in either the automobile parking area, or the RV camping area being subjected to unacceptable amounts of blowing dust.  Besides, think of your prop and the cost to replace it.

For CMP parking in the aircraft campground, also ask for assistance to push your aircraft to the parallel taxiway or main ramp before starting engines.

For more information about aircraft parking at COPPERSTATE please click here to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Aircraft Parking Chairman at 520-307-5775.


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