Keeping the Dream Alive

October 23 - 25 2014

KCGZ Casa Grande, AZ



{flv}Runway 5{/flv}

COPPERSTATE Runway 5 Approach

If you are flying into COPPERSTATE and Runway 5 is active this is what you can expect to see.

{flv}Runway 23 Approach Large{/flv}

COPPERSTATE Runway 23 Approach

This is what you can expect to see as you arrive at COPPERSTATE when Runway 23 is in use. The Approach Transition starts 6.6nm WEST of KCGZ.

{flv}CGZ Rwy 5 NAP{/flv}

Noise Abatement Program - Runway 5

This will not be used so much while CGZ is Class D, but if you're flying to CGZ while normal Class E, please try to be a good neighbor and obey the N.A.P.


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