Directions to Volunteer Parking

On the first day that you volunteer please follow the Directions to Parking for general admissions parking. Proceed to the Main Admissions booth and obtain your volunteer wrist bands there. Your name will have been placed on a list of approved Volunteers. If you will be working on subsequent days you can pick up your Volunteer Parking Pass at that time. Once you have your Volunteer Wrist Band walk through the General Admission Gate and report to the Volunteer Tent to check in.
Once you have your Volunteer wrist band you may park in the volunteer parking lot. To get there take Pinal Ave to Airport Road (the main entrance to the airport) and proceed to the first traffic control point at Piper Avenue . Once the Traffic Control Volunteers see your Volunteer Parking Pass and confirm that you have a Volunteer Wrist Band and that everyone in the vehicle has either a Volunteer Wrist Band or a General Admission Wrist Band, they will open the gate to the Volunteer Parking lot.