Thanks to the pilots who made COPPERSTATE 2015 successful.

The 2015 turnout was tremendous. Possibly as many as 450-500 aircraft actually attended the event. We saw ultralights, gyrocopters, home-builts, antiques and warbirds galore. Whether fast –like the L-39– or slow – like the ubiquitous Piper J-3 there was an aircraft that supported every fantasy. Did you see the full-size FW-190 or the Supermarine Spitfire or the North American P-51D? They were there and itwas a unique chance to see these iconic aircraft up close.

Another way to review the aircraft that were there would be to check out the awards that were presented at the event. The Custom/Home Built Grand Champion Van’s RV-10 was beyond spectacular. Likewise the 1937 Waco which garnered the Restoration Grand Champion Trophy was ‘off the charts’ with attention to detail.

It is interesting to note that aircraft from 20 states were registered. Among those not registered was a Long EZ especially outfitted to tour the world. That aircraft was registered in Great Britain and the Awards Banquet attendees were rewarded with a short description of one leg of the flight (Iceland to Greenland as I recall). Some fun!  This year the majority of the registered aircraft were from Arizona, of course. Arizona was followed by great representations from New Mexico and California. The only ‘corner state’ missing from the registrants was Washington. Florida, California and Maine did register.

Registering your aircraft at the event is very important as it helps the aviation suppliers recognize who they are exposing their products to. These suppliers and manufacturers are at COPPERSTATE to support you and your aircraft. COPPERSTATE is unique in its ability to attract great representations from the commercial side of general aviation.

Thank you again for attending.


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