[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Is there camping available?” open=”no”]Absolutely. Please go to Camping at Copperstate for more information.[/toggle][toggle title=”What about hotels?” open=”no”]There are quite a few hotels in Casa Grande. Additionally, a number of large Native American casinos are nearby, each with large hotels on the casino property. There are many hotels on the far south side of Phoenix (about 25 miles from the airport) as well. Please see Local Lodging for more information.[/toggle][toggle title=”Are the hotels within walking distance?” open=”no”]No. The hotels are a few miles from the airport. COPPERSTATE will provide shuttles to several of the hotels on our list, but we will not service all of the hotels. Please see Local Lodging & Shuttle Service for more information.[/toggle][toggle title=”Will rental cars be available?” open=”no”]Yes. We will have a rental car agency on site. We are currently working on the best rental car pricing. Please see Hertz Car Rental for more information.[/toggle][toggle title=”Are there places to eat?” open=”no”]

COPPERSTATE will provide food vendors on site for the event and some vendors have even stayed open at night for our campers. Casa Grande has a number of great restaurants and many of the nearby casinos have outstanding and inexpensive food. The far south side of Phoenix has a large number of restaurants along the freeway. The airport property itself does not have any food beyond the food court vendors.

Please see Local Restaurants for more information.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Are pets welcome?” open=”no”]Running aircraft engines and moving airplanes are a hostile environment for animals. We recommend you leave pets at home or tethered at your RV. We do not allow pets in the Food Court area. Pets are allowed in show area if they are well-leashed. Carried pets must be leashed as well. Please make sure your pets have recently eliminated before bringing them onto the ramp, and always immediately clean up after your pet. This is a new pet policy established by Copperstate’s Fly-In Manager ( a pet owner ) A misbehaving pet and its owner will be asked to leave if this new policy is not followed. Thank you![/toggle][toggle title=”What are the future dates for COPPERSTATE?” open=”no”]22nd-24th October, 2015[/toggle][toggle title=”Are wheelchairs allowed?” open=”no”]Yes. However, the only personal assistive device specifically designed for the handicapped permitted on the aircraft ramp is a manually powered or electrically powered wheel chair. Specifically NOT permitted on the aircraft ramp, (this list is not exhaustive): roller skates, bicycles (portable or not), carts, scooters, golf carts, ATVs, or Segways (EPAMDs). They are permitted in the camping area.[/toggle][/accordian]