Cliff Van Vleet has been recognized as one of 14 volunteer pilots who have flown Young Eagles every year, since 1992! Young Eagles is an EAA program giving youth an aviation experience to inspire a love of aviation. Follow the link for more information: EAA Young Eagles Program

From EAA:

“14 Pilots, 25 Years!
Over 50,000 pilots have volunteered for the Young Eagles program since 1992, but only 14 have flown Young Eagles every ¬year since in 1992. Please join us in thanking the following pilots for this incredible achievement and for their support of the program.

Gregory Anderson, EAA 202934; Englewood, Colorado
Jer Eberhard, EAA 237775; Ft. Collins, Colorado
John Haggerty, EAA 284080; Skaneateles, New York
Red Hamilton, EAA 257929; Fort Bragg, California
Gary Huffman, EAA 315222; Gaines, Michigan
Edward Hutson, EAA 394313; Chesterton, Indiana
David Kolstad, EAA 150123; Sherwood Forest, California
Douglas Milius, EAA 190535; Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Bob O’Hara, EAA 77223; Placerville, California
Darrell Radford, EAA 61132; Templeton, California
Lloyd Richards, EAA 171396; Timmins, Ontario
Robert Sheffer, EAA 404865; Shippenville, Pennsylvania
Douglas Stone, EAA 348098; Northborough, Maryland
Cliff Van Vleet, EAA 279565; Sierra Vista, Arizona

EAA’s Young Eagles program wouldn’t be possible without the tens of thousands of dedicated volunteers who devote countless hours bringing smiles to the faces of future aviators. View our Volunteer Recognition listings on our website.”

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