Space 1 Outside

XPro Aviation was formed to fill a need in the GA industry by combining extensive Composite fabrication experience with 3D CAD, printing, and rapid prototyping (collectively Additive Manufacturing) to create truly unique Experimental Aircraft (read about our MENACE Turbine Legacy project on our website).

Phoenix Technology Works (PTWNA) is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with a group of unique engineers, craftsmen, and manufacturing capabilities, Since 2003 PTWNA has been supporting Tier One Customers in Aerospace prototype development and low rate production. PTW excels in the manufacturing of CNC Large Scale Master Models, Carbon Tooling, PTW also offers one-off and short-run production direct tooling. PTW has mastered the process of machining Compo Tool Ceramic tooling board, along with other materials that exhibit the CTE of Carbon Tools.

XPro Aviation email: rob@xproav.com

PTWNA email: dan@ptwna.com