Flying In

Falcon Field (FFZ)

Latitude: N33 27.65′

Longitude: W111 43.70′

ATIS: 118.25   480-641-9378

Unicom: 122.95

CTAF: 124.60

Ground: 121.3

Phoenix APP/DEP: 123.7 and/or 124.9



Parking & Ground Control Procedures

Inbound traffic will of course first listen to Falcon Tower ATIS ( 118.25 ).

You will be instructed to tell the tower whether you are visiting for the day and you will be instructed to land on the western-most runway ( 04L or 22R ) where you will exit to the NW, or that you are a showplace or exhibitor and you will be instructed to land on the eastern-most runway ( 04R or 22L ) and exit the runway to the SE.

You will then be told to contact either ground control ( 121.3 ) or Copperstate Flight Line Operations ( 122.95 ) for appropriate parking directions.

Once parked, you will be given instructions for start up and taxi procedures. YOU MUST HAVE A “WING WALKER ESCORT” IN ORDER TO TAXI. Contact Flight Line Operations ( 122.95 ) prior to taxiing.

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