Flying In

Buckeye Airport (KBXK)


Elevation: 1033'

TPA: 2009'

RWY: 5500' x 75'

RWY 17: Right Traffic, 2-Light PAPI

RWY 35: Left Traffic, 2-Light PAPI

AWOS: 119.625 (623-386-7627)

CTAF/Unicom: 122.975

Ground: 121.05

Phoenix APP/DEP: 123.7 and/or 124.9


Latitude: N33 25.23′

Longitude: W112 41.17′

Source: Facilities Directory

Inbound, Ground & Parking Procedures

Inbound traffic will first listen to AWOS (119.625). It will be updated throughout the day. After listening to AWOS, announce your intentions on CTAF (122.975) for entering the traffic pattern. Buckeye Municipal Airport is an uncontrolled airfield and will remain so throughout the event.

The airport will be closed to all traffic during the air show on Saturday and Sunday from noon until approximately 2:00pm.

Upon landing, make sure to display one of the following signs in your aircraft windshield so it is visible to ground personnel and monitor ground operations (121.05). Use one of the links below to print the sign that corresponds to your aircraft parking need (please print using landscape orientation):

General Aircraft Parking 

Show Plane (being judged)

Aircraft Vendor

Aircraft Camping

Aircraft For Sale

Advise any aircraft ground personnel when you are ready to startup and taxi for departure. They will assist you with a “Wing Walker” escort from parking to the taxiway. Monitor ground operations (121.05) while taxiing to the active runway.

Links to Signs for Printing

Additional Information

  • Please bring your own tie-downs as they will not be provided.
  • Expect Airport closure during Airshow approximately 1200L to 1400L with the shutdown procedures starting at around 1100L (Saturday & Sunday
    FEB 9-10). Please check NOTAM prior to arrival.
  • Due to the high volume of traffic during the Fly-In, a radio is strongly advised
  • CLOSE YOUR FLIGHT PLAN—FSS Prescott 122.1R Listen Buckeye VOR 110.6
  • Uber & Lyft will be available for transportation TO & FROM lodging during the Fly-In.

All of the information contained herein is subject to change

Please check NOTAMs prior to arrival

Check Out the 360° Interactive Map

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COPPERSTATE 2019 Airport and Exhibit Map

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Approach to Land RWY 17 KBXK

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Approach to Land RWY 35 KBXK

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