AeroMart at COPPERSTATE 2021

February 12, 13 & 14 at the COPPERSTATE Fly-In

COPPERSTATE will host an AeroMart on Feb 12-14, 2021 at the COPPERSTATE Fly-In. The AeroMart will be located in the Indoor Displays hangar toward the rear. Individuals can bring their aviation parts to sell to this location. (Tires, batteries, and combustibles are restricted from the AeroMart)

  • Friday, Feb 12 and Saturday, Feb 13 from 0700-1700 hours
  • Sunday, Feb 14 at 0700 -1200 hours

The following guidelines will be in effect:

  1. Items need to be easily transportable by a human being and to be displayed on a table.
  2. The COPPERSTATE Fly-In fee will be 10% of the selling price.
  3. COPPERSTATE Fly-In personnel will not set prices, provide pricing guidance or negotiate on behalf of the sellers. It is the seller’s responsibility to set pricing at the signing of the contract and the marking of the tag.
  4. Upon presentation of the item for sale:

    1. The seller will sign a commission agreement with the COPPERSTATE Aero Mart representative and be given a copy. COPPERSTATE’s commission will be 10% of the sale price.
    2. Each item will be marked with a sales tag which will reflect the contract number and selling price set by the individual. Each tag will be sold at $.50 collected at the time of contract execution. Tag sales are not refundable.
    3. One tag is to be used per the sales item. There is no discount for multiple tags.
    4. Items will be priced in whole dollar increments below $20 and $5 increments above $20.
    5. Upon affixing the tag, the seller will be given a claim stub. This must be presented to collect the item at the end of the event or upon the seller’s decision to collect the item prior to 1500 on Sunday, 2/14/21.
    6. Sellers can change the price during the course of the event but must purchase another sales tag at $.50.
    7. Aero Mart personnel will collect for the sale and provide payment within 30 days by check to the seller.
  5. There will be security on the airport grounds after event hours. The volunteer staff will remain vigilant during the Fly-In/Expo hours, but we are not in a position to guarantee against petty theft that can occur at events with a large number of visitors. We will restrict the sales area to unaccompanied youth.
  6. Sellers must collect their unsold items prior to 1500 hours on Sunday, February 14. Items remaining after that time will become the property of COPPERSTATE Fly-In and we will dispose of the items accordingly.
  7. COPPERSTATE cannot provide advanced storage for your AeroMart items. Arrangements for temporary parking at the Vendor parking area can be made for drop-off of multiple or larger items. Pilots requiring assistance to move items from/to their aircraft can coordinate with AeroMart personnel to arrange for a golf cart/driver.
  8. COPPERSTATE plans to have an online service established in early 2019. This would provide a space on the website to advertise a product. We will charge a flat, one-time listing fee of $10. Sellers can identify their item, provide a picture, and contact information. Sales will be conducted absent the involvement of COPPERSTATE Fly-In. We are only providing information and referral on our Facebook page to the website to check for new items.

The Aero Mart is operated for the benefit and convenience of pilots and individuals visiting the Fly-In. COPPERSTATE Fly-In/Expo’s 10% fee pays for the tent and the remaining funds are allocated to Fly-In expenditures and any remaining profits are allocated to the Scholarship Fund.

COPPERSTATE Fly-In is a Not-For-Profit, 501(c)(3) Corporation
whose mission is to 
foster youth aviation education through programs and scholarships.