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If you have an area of aviation expertise you’d like to share with the community of aviation enthusiasts, please e-mail us at the addresses shown below (please send your message to both of us so we’ll be less likely to miss it). In your message, please list the title of your presentation, the name of the speaker, company affiliation (if any), and your preference for day and time. Please see the forum's schedule on this site for the available time slots. We’ll try to accommodate your preference on a first-come, first-served basis. As you see on the forum's schedule, time slots are 55 minutes maximum, to allow audiences time to exit before the next audience enters. (Please note that the FAAST forums do not necessarily start on the hour, but in some cases, the half-hour.)

We provide 20×30 foot tents in the Forums Plaza, each seating approximately 60 people. Each tent is equipped with a whiteboard and markers, 120 VAC power, and a public address system. Video projectors are available for your presentation, projected on the whiteboard; Tent #2 will have a 46" flat-screen TV and tents #3 & #4 will have 32" flat-screen TVs. 

To get your forum in the COPPERSTATE program, you must sign up by January 24, 2020.


John Harlow Lynn Wesley
jharlow86@msn.com lwesley7@hughes.net
520-297-2367 520-883-8588


Please note: the Forums are currently being scheduled; please check back at a later date to check on updated Forum times.

2020 Schedule of Forums

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Friday, February 7

Friday, February 7, 2020 Forums

Friday, February 7, 2020 Forums
TimeTent #TitleSpeakerAffiliation
9:00 AM1 FAAST SEMINAR 9:00 am to 10:00 amLoss of Control and the Impossible Turn - Session 1
2Advanced STOL and Backcountry Flying"CC" PocockBush Air
3In Search of Charlie 50Ron Sath
10:00 AM1 FAAST SEMINAR 10:30 am to 11:30 amWhat Would You Do?
2Weight & Balance for the Backcountry PilotBrian SchoberArizona Pilot's Association
3Autogyro Type Certificated GyroplanesMark RhoadsAutogyro Arizona
4Alternative Engines for Experimental AircraftPatrick Panzera, Editor/PublisherCONTACT! Magazine
11:00 AM1
2Risk Assessment for Low Level FlyingBill David, AZGFDArizona Pilot's Association
3Sheet Metal WorkshopDavid WilcoxWORKSHOP
4Chevy LT1 Engine for experimental aircrafJohn HarlowCONTACTI Magazine
12:00 PM1 FAAST SEMINAR 12:00 pm to 1:00 pmMilitary Airspace Safety
2Aviation Home & Hangar Map - 580+ Airparks Online www.airparkmap.comErik McCormickChoice One Properties
3Composite WorkshopDavid WilcoxWORKSHOP
4Revmaster R-2300 EnginePatrick Panzera, Editor/PublisherCONTACT! Magazine
1:00 PM1 FAAST SEMINAR 1:30 pm to 2:30 pmMonsoon Flying
2Before & After ADS-B InstallationJames GarnerAV8TOR Avionics
3Light Flying with UltralightsMo SheldonAirparamo
4Corvair Engines for Experimental AircraftLany Nelson
2:00 PM1
2Experimental Avionics SolutionsBrad BrensingGarmin
3Van's AircraftSterling Langell
4Revmaster R-3000 EnginePatrick Panzera, Editor/PublisherCONTACT! Magazine
3:00 PM1
2Introduction to Part 21, PMA PartsMark GregoryKLM Industries
3Military Airspace Impact on the National Airspace and WhyTerry HansenUS Marine
4The new TURBO, and the new PSRU for the Revmaster R-2300!Ralph MaloofRevmaster Aviation
4:00 PM1
2Affordable Flying & Light-Sport AircraftTyler SeppEagle Sports
3Oil AnalysisLarry NelsonLab1/LNCLABS
4Pegasus 60HP 1/2 0-200 Kit EnginePatrick Panzera, Editor/PublisherCONTACT! Magazine

Saturday, February 8
Sunday, February 9