COPPERSTATE 2021 Workshops

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Each COPPERSTATE Workshop is led by an experienced leader in the craft. The Workshops are an excellent way to get started learning a new skill. You’ll be introduced to the materials, the knowledge base and the guidance that you’ll need to continue your journey of self-education. Please note: the Workshops are currently being scheduled; please check back at a later date to check on Workshop times.

(Plan 2 hours for each workshop.)

COPPERSTATE 2021 Workshops

1200 Tent 3

1300 workshop
1100 Tent 3

1400 Workshop
1200 Tent 3

1300 workshop
1100 Tent 3

1400 workshop
1100 workshop

*Composites is a two session workshop. A lecture is first delivered one hour prior to the workshop schedule in one of the forum tents listed in the above table. It is then followed with the hands-on layup work in the workshop tent.

Sheet Metal is also now a two session workshop, but the Forum session is optional. Without the Forum you will just be following instructions. The Forum will present a better education for the general subject. 

Workshop Leader Biographies

Composites: Gary Hertzler

Builder of the VariEze composite aircraft which has over 4500 flying hours and currently holds the CAFE Challenge efficiency award plus a World's Record closed-course distance record for its weight class. Gary manufactures high-performance propellers for high-speed Amateur-Built aircraft. Just two sessions for composites, so plan ahead. Rick Hall will be assisting Gary this year.

Rick Hall has a background in mechanical engineering and manufactures aftermarket fiberglass components. Mr. Hall completed a plans built, four-seat, 200MPH, composite airplane called a Cozy MK-IV. He flies the Cozy to airshows to demonstrate that building a composite airplane using nothing but common hand tools is within the realm of almost everyone. 

Sheet Metal: David Wilcox

David has built a Sonerai aircraft and is currently flying a Sonex. He is a retired design engineer and has an airframe and power plant license. Gordon Craig and Kelly McMullen will also be assisting in sheet metal this year. david.2.wilcox@

Gordon Craig flys and maintains an RV6 sheet metal aircraft. He has performed many of the service bulletins and maintenance actions regarding the aircraft.

Kelly McMullen is an A&P as well as an EAA Technical Counselor. Kelly has built a Vans RV-10 aircraft. He has taught sheet metal classes for EAA chapter 1445.