Please contact the chairman of the function for which you would like to volunteer. See the Chairman List.

If you enjoy helping our youth who are really interested in aviation, then please help with the Young Eagles program.

Becoming a COPPERSTATE Volunteer has many benefits.

Your contributions can help continue COPPERSTATE’s mission to promote aviation education and air safety. You can meet and work directly with some of the most interesting and experienced individuals in the world of sport aviation today. Our enthusiasm comes from our ability to offer a venue where you and other volunteers can use your talents to contribute to what we all have in common, the love of aviation.

Our convention volunteers come right before or during our fly-in and blend their talents with those who have already been long at work. These combined efforts make COPPERSTATE the premiere homebuilder event in the southwest. All areas of the convention benefit from these dedicated volunteers. You do not have to be a pilot, if aviation interests you, come join us. you are welcome to share your time and talents.

Below is a list of some of the positions available to volunteers. If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, or have any questions about the positions, please contact the chairman of the function for which you would like to volunteer.


The Main Gate & Admissions

Greet attendees and hand out programs and information, line formation and crowd control, wrist band sales & registration, camping permits.

Flight Line Operations

Assist with parking aircraft, marshaling taxiing aircraft & possible aircraft registration.

Auto Parking

Direct general admission vehicles to parking and oversee orderly parking procedures.


Maintain a clean and well kept facility by aiding the Clean-Up Staff before, during and after the fly-in.

AeroMart & Sky Shop Support

Support our staff as we provide souvenirs, memorabilia, parts & supplies to our fly-in attendees.

Youth Support Staff

We’re looking for people to supervise, guide and monitor some large groups of youth, so they may have a safe, happy and educational visit.

Safety & Security Staff

Help us provide a safe and secure environment for our attendees by being the eyes, ears and voice of Airport and Fly-in Management.

Setup & Tear Down

In the weeks and days before the fly-in, and the days following there is a big demand for help of all kinds. You don’t have to be a skilled trades person, just someone willing to help and be able to enjoy the fellowship and appreciation of our volunteers.

Light Sport/Ultralight Operations

Come help us provide a safe and efficient operation by helping with air and ground traffic control, crowd control and safety, flight briefings and registration in the Light Sport/Ultralight Tent.

Volunteer Support Staff

Help us support the volunteer staff by joining us in:
Volunteer Center – where volunteers are fed and can take a break.
Operation Thirst – were we provide water and beverages to the volunteers on the job in the field.
Volunteers Coordination – training, supporting, and filling the volunteer positions.

Awards Plaques Construction

We are looking for one or more individuals who can, during the course of the year on their own time, construct awards plaques for the COPPERSTATE Fly-In. There are multiple steps to this process, which could easily be performed by multiple individuals. Currently the processes are split between just two volunteers.

The processes involved are:

1) Create wooden plaques in the shape of the state of Arizona. A general format for these plaques has been established over the years to provide two sizes of plaque. The first is approximately 8” x 11” and the second is approximately 11” by 14”. Each year about 50 for the smaller plaques are required and two to three of the larger size. There is no requirement that the wood be of a specific type or a specific stain. The creator of the plaque is free to exhibit his own artistic license. In the past various woods have been used and various stains. The most successful has probably been the use of European Beech, although other woods from alder to red oak have been used. Hardwoods are much preferred. Woods that take a variety of natural stains are also preferred. Walnut, while being a great choice, has not been used to a great extent because of cost. If you have the tools and a small amount of spare time, your efforts would be greatly appreciated.

2) Staining and finishing. Self-explanatory. This might be a great way to split the effort. It would mean taking unfinished plaques, possibly performing a final sanding and then bringing the wood to life with a nice finish.

3) Copper work. The copper work, which we do for these plaques, is very unique and special. The processes have been developed and refined over the years and documentation of the process is available. Additionally, the raw materials are on hand. As the current volunteer says, “We have enough copper to last about 100 years.” This is work that can be done on a very small workbench.

4) Final Assembly. This is simply the process of applying the copper work to the wooden plaques along with a wall hanging clip on the back. The current process uses brass brads. A steady hand with a small hammer is a great asset. Again, this is currently being done by the same individual who creates the plaques, but could easily become a group project—perhaps a nice EAA chapter effort.

If you know of or if you are a wood worker or craft person who might be interested in participating in this activity, please contact the Volunteer Chairman. Your commitment will be to become involved for the COPPERSTATE Fly-In. All material expenses will be reimbursed.

Please contact the chairman of the function for which you would like to volunteer. See the Chairman List.